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Triple A: Accountability, Advice, and Accomplices 

As a novelist with five traditionally published novels and a creative writing instructor for the past eight years, I’ve discovered the secret to maintaining a creative life.

I’m sharing it with you right now. As you read this. Because the secret is . . .

Wait, are you ready for it?
Are you truly prepared?

And you’re sure?

Well, if you’re sure . . .


Engagement. At all levels. To gain and keep readers, you have to do one thing: keep them reading. Hopefully what I just did with you. You’ve got to engage the reader. But to engage the reader, you need to be engaged yourself. That means commitment to craft as well as to your desk chair. While you must be engaged yourself, being by yourself is not a necessary evil. Writing does not (and arguably should not) be a solo endeavor. Yet engaging with a community of writers is often the thing we struggle with the most.


Engagement. At all levels. That’s the secret to writing your way to a finished draft of your manuscript, be it fiction or nonfiction. That’s what led me to design this course.


The Details:

For eight weeks, we will work together to embody the Triple As: accountability, advice, and accomplices.


  • Accountability, that’s you! Hold yourself accountable and commit yourself to your writing. 

  • Advice, that’s me! I’ll bring my experience as a published author and experienced instructor to answer writing and industry questions, guide craft discussion, and lead group writing and workshopping sessions.

  • Accomplices, that’s all of you! As a group, you will begin to form a bond. Brainstorming partners, critique partners, accountability partners, if you are looking for some or all of that, then this course is for you. I will help facilitate matchups for those looking for writing partners outside and beyond class.


Class Requirements:

  1.  One-hour per week live, remote meeting with instructor, offering all three A’s of accountability, advice, and accomplices. Each week will be a little different, with a mix of group Q&A, brainstorming, craft discussion, and sprinting. Time TBD based on group consensus prior to class start.

  2. One-hour per week live, remote meeting without the instructor, offering accountability and accomplices. This is designed as a “write-in” with a brief “accomplice check-in” at the start of each session. Time TBD based on group consensus prior to class start.

  3. Weekly goal setting and tracking, offering accountability. You will be required to track your progress each week and learn a skill that will ensure you continue to commit to your writing after class.

  4. Weekly encouragement and accountability emails from Lori.


Who’s It For?

Writers at all levels who are working on fiction of any genre, memoir, or narrative nonfiction.



8 weeks, Time TBD based on schedules of all signed up, ongoing enrollment, via Zoom.

Note: This course will be offered on a rolling basis. To sign up for the next round or join the wait list for future sessions, contact Lori.



$300 for 8 weeks. Includes 15-minute personal coaching at class start and a 30-minute personal session to be used before the end of the program.

Sign up below or simply email me directly.


“I can’t say enough good things about Lori’s instruction and have recommended her classes to all of my aspiring writer friends. The class truly gave me the tools and confidence to move forward with my writing.” –Lisa Q.


“Lori’s energy, expertise, and ability to keep everything organized is wonderful.”
–Traer S.

“Lori’s classes are the best! I’ve taken quite a few now and each has equipped me with amazingly helpful craft tools that have greatly improved my writing, and her fun, supportive workshops and personal feedback always provide invaluable insights to guide my revisions. Highly recommended!” –Devi S.

“One of my all-time favorite writing instructors. I’ve taken multiple courses with Lori and found her to be an incredibly effective mentor. She provides tons of useful information and warm, constructive feedback on all aspects of writing.” –Ann C.

“Lori's class helped me get organized!! I walked away with really practical and well explained methods to apply to all stages of writing my book!” –Paige K.

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