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Go Ahead: Make a Scene
Structure Your Way to a Compelling Scene

Most writers are familiar with the idea of structure when it comes to story beats. But structure can and should also be applied to the scenes that bring those beats to life. We’ll dive into what makes a scene, what a scene needs to accomplish, and the mechanics of applying structure to make that happen. We’ll explore concepts like entering late and leaving early, character agency, scene goals, setbacks, conflict, and more. We’ll look at examples in varied genres of fiction and break them down in class. Students will have the opportunity to have a scene from their work in progress critiqued in class. Students will leave with the tools necessary to revise their existing scenes and write new ones that do the heavy lifting of forwarding plot and character and, most of all, keep readers reading!


Who’s It For?

Writers at all levels who are working on fiction of any genre.



Note: This course will be offered on a rolling basis. To sign up for the next round or to join the wait list for future sessions, contact Lori.


$190 for 3 weeks. 

Sign up below or simply email me directly.



“I can’t say enough good things about Lori’s instruction and have recommended her classes to all of my aspiring writer friends. The class truly gave me the tools and confidence to move forward with my writing.” –Lisa Q.


“Lori’s energy, expertise, and ability to keep everything organized is wonderful.”
–Traer S.

“Lori’s classes are the best! I’ve taken quite a few now and each has equipped me with amazingly helpful craft tools that have greatly improved my writing, and her fun, supportive workshops and personal feedback always provide invaluable insights to guide my revisions. Highly recommended!” –Devi S.

“One of my all-time favorite writing instructors. I’ve taken multiple courses with Lori and found her to be an incredibly effective mentor. She provides tons of useful information and warm, constructive feedback on all aspects of writing.” –Ann C.

“Lori's class helped me get organized!! I walked away with really practical and well explained methods to apply to all stages of writing my book!” –Paige K.

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