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Think while standing up, type while sitting down.

This is the adage that guides my own creative writing and is the aim of my Think Write programs.

As a novelist with five traditionally published novels and a creative writing instructor for the past eight years, I've come to see a need for building a writing community. As writers, we may do that typing solo, but we don't have to do that thinking alone.

From craft lectures and workshops to virtual group sprinting to virtual and in-person writing retreats with my partner, Emily Miles Terry, my programs encourage writers to not only foster their learning and commit to their writing, but to also find their "writing people." From a single critique partner to an accountability cheerleader, my goal is to bring writers together. I have a direct and practical approach to the writing process that I bring to all my workshops.

Programs are live with more under development including a special
THE LAST OF US themed workshop (ah, that show!). If you are all in on this workshop, email me to let me know! If you'd like to be among the first to receive news of what I'm working on, sign up on the form below.


Let's write together! 

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