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Editorial Services

As an author with a background in journalism and a creative writing instructor at Grub Street in Boston, I bring a unique perspective to my editing work. What do agents and editors hope to see in your work? I’ve got the scoop!

From the big picture down to the detailed line edits, my content editing is steeped in what will make your work stand out from the pack. At the same time, I’ve been on the receiving end of editorial letters and I know what it feels like to be in your shoes! My feedback will always be honest, but it will come with kindness and encouragement to get your work to the next level.

Having worked as a nonfiction writer and copyeditor for many years, editing everything from a knitting for dogs book to an essay by the president of Mexico, I have an eye for detail, and my copyediting will catch all of your typos, missing commas, grammatical mishaps, and structural problems on the sentence level. A polished manuscript will ensure your writing and storytelling doesn’t get overlooked because of problems that can be fixed.

I am able to do content and copyediting for all genres (middle grade, young adult, adult, memoir).  I also offer a full query submissions package, which includes advice on agents and going through the process. 



Full content edit: 1-3 page editorial letter plus in-line comments and line edits regarding plot, structure, pacing, character development, tension, repetitive sections, awkward sentence construction (approximate range from $1500 to $4500, depending on book length and intensity of edit required with quotes available upon request)

Copyediting: nitty-gritty of commas, spelling, grammar, word choice, repetitive words, etc. (approximate range from $1500 to $3500, depending on book length and intensity of edit required with quotes available upon request)

Combo of both content and copyediting: Combined rate discounted by 10%.

For partials, up to 30 pages: $325 (includes both content and line editing; copyediting an additional $50)

Query: 1 pass: $95; 2 passes: $155

Synopsis (1-2 pages): $145; 2 passes $185

Submission Package: $425

Three pieces are key for submitting to agents: the query, the synopsis, and the first page. Some writers leave out that last one: the first page. But you must wow the agent with your very first line. This is one of the most important parts of querying. My submission package includes a minimum of two passes on all three of these key elements (query at 1 page, synopsis at 1-2, first page under 300 words). I will also offer advice for managing the process (*insert handholding here*).

Marketing Consulting: 


Are you a new author? An author with books on the shelves but stumped with how to market them? Looking for some fresh ideas? I’ve spent the past few years gathering best practices in book marketing; I’ve implemented just about everything. Let me help you design your own marketing campaign. I’ll tell you what works and what doesn’t and help you spend your time (and money) on the things that will get your book in readers’ hands.


Contact me via email to discuss. I’m happy to customize something to meet your needs.

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