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Think Write Novel Writing Mentorship: 2024

Who's It For?


Writers who want to turn a solo endeavor into a group one! The mentorship program is designed for both new and experienced fiction writers in all categories and genres who are ready to commit to writing the first draft of their novel. With accountability, community, practical instruction, and workshopping, the program is best suited for writers who are prepared to fully engage in learning and improving upon their craft in a supportive, group setting. We will cheer each other on, buoy one another up when things get tough (which they always do!), and celebrate our milestones together. The program is designed to help you plot and write the first draft of your novel in nine months.


Think Write Novel Writing Mentorship is for writers who are looking for:

  • Practical instruction on how to plan a novel

  • Accountability to complete the first draft

  • A supportive community to write alongside

  • Group workshopping with instructor feedback

  • One-on-one coaching and consultation with a traditionally published author



Where Is It?

Online, fully remote via Zoom, join from anywhere. Live courses and sprinting times TBD.


When Does It Run?

The 2024 Mentorship is 36 weeks, exact dates TBD, contact me for details.

Full Description:


The Think Write Novel Writing Mentorship is a nine-month program designed to guide students in writing the first draft of their novels. The program consists of craft lecture, group writing and accountability, one-on-one coaching, and group workshopping.


Part 1, which lasts for six weeks, focuses on craft, with lectures and discussion on premise, point of view, characters and character goals, story beats, endings, and world building.


In Part 2, students will continue the exercises presented in Part 1 to hone and complete their novel outline and short synopsis. Students will submit their short synopsis to the instructor for feedback to be provided in a private, one-on-one meeting.


In Part 3, students spend the next nine weeks writing together (at minimum) once a week and holding one another accountable. Craft lectures will be interspersed along with a one-on-one check-in with the instructor.


Part 4 introduces workshopping. For ten weeks, students will alternate between weekly write-ins and workshopping a set number of pages, reading aloud in class for on-the-spot group and instructor feedback.


Part 5 concludes the program with a mix of craft lectures, sprinting, and a final, one-hour, private consultation with the instructor.


While the course goal is to complete the first draft of your novel, writers do not have to complete this goal to fully engage with their writing and learn the tools and techniques to complete their draft after the program’s end. Writers will leave the program with a solid outline and set of workshopped pages. Post-course students are invited to submit 20 pages to the instructor for written feedback. Students may contract with the instructor for full or partial manuscript consultations post-course for an additional fee.





“When I signed up for Lori’s class, writing a novel was something I had wanted to do for a long time but had no idea where to begin. By the end of the six weeks of instruction and writing exercises, I had fully developed character profiles and an in-depth, 39-chapter outline, which allowed me to finish a 90,000-word first draft within three months. I can’t say enough good things about Lori’s instruction and have recommended her classes to all of my aspiring writer friends. The class truly gave me the tools and confidence to move forward with my writing.” –Lisa Q.


“An amazing class. It was everything I hoped it would be and more. Lori’s energy, expertise, and ability to keep everything organized is wonderful.” –Traer S.

“Lori’s classes are the best! I’ve taken quite a few now and each has equipped me with amazingly helpful craft tools that have greatly improved my writing, and her fun, supportive workshops and personal feedback always provide invaluable insights to guide my revisions. Highly recommended!” –Devi S.

“One of my all-time favorite writing instructors. I’ve taken multiple courses with Lori on a range of writing topics and found her to be an incredibly effective mentor. She provides tons of useful information and warm, constructive feedback on all aspects of writing from plotting to process to figuring out your character’s deepest wounds and wants.” –Ann C.

“Lori’s class helped me get organized!! She introduced me to some really concrete how-tos on writing a synopsis and logline. I walked away with really practical and well explained methods to apply to all stages of writing my book!” –Paige K.



Who Am I?


First and foremost: I practice what I preach. As a creative writing instructor and manuscript consultant since 2015, I have eight years of experience guiding writers in the fundamentals of craft. As a published author of five novels from Macmillan, Penguin Random House, and Arcade/S&S, I have used every technique I teach to plot and write my own novels—often on deadline. My first (unpublished) novel took me three years and upwards of twenty drafts. After learning and applying the same novel-planning lessons I teach in this course, I wrote my first published book in three months. I have a practical approach to both novel planning and writing. My instruction is heavily craft-focused. While I encourage your muse, this course and my instruction is designed for students looking to complete a manuscript for publication.


What's the Cost?


$3995 per student. 


 Email me to sign up.

Detailed 36-Week Syllabus


Part 1

  • Weeks 1-6: During the first six weeks, we meet as a group via Zoom for six, three-hour craft lectures on the essential pieces necessary to plan your novel.


Part 2

  • Weeks 7-10: We will meet for an hour each week to write together. During these weeks, you will concentrate on writing your synopsis or full outline.


Part 3

  • Weeks 11-12: Continued one-hour (minimum) weekly write-ins. Synopses turned into instructor for feedback, relayed in a one-hour private coaching session.

  • Week 13: Three-hour craft lecture on opening pages.

  • Weeks 14-16: Continued one-hour (minimum) weekly write-ins.

  • Week 17: Three-hour craft lecture on scene structure.

  • Weeks 18-19: Continued one-hour (minimum) weekly write-ins plus a private 15-minute “check-in” coaching session with the instructor. After which, writers will be paired with a feedback and accountability partner for the remainder of the course.


Part 4

  • Week 20-21, Workshop Session 1: We will meet as a group for one three-hour workshopping session each week in which students will read a set amount of pages aloud for group and instructor feedback.

  • Week 22-23: Continued one-hour (minimum) weekly write-ins.

  • Week 24-25, Workshop Session 2: We will meet as a group for one three-hour workshopping session each week in which students will read a set amount of pages aloud for group and instructor feedback.

  • Weeks 26-28: Continued one-hour (minimum) weekly write-ins.

  • Weeks 29-30, Workshop Session 3: We will meet as a group for one three-hour workshopping session each week in which students will read a set amount of pages aloud for group and instructor feedback.

Part 5

  • Week 31: Three-hour craft lecture on topic decided upon by group.

  • Week 32-34: Continued one-hour (minimum) weekly write-ins. Students will also meet with instructor for one-hour private coaching session to evaluate their progress and answer questions on next steps.

  • Week 35: Craft lecture on revision techniques.

  • Week 36: Final class and status check-in.

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