LOVE, THEODOSIA Author Event and Signing

Friday December 17th, 11:00am-1:00pm

Luncheon at Kimbel's Wachesaw and signing to follow at Litchfield Books

Details: Litchfield Books secures bestselling authors months in advance for the releases of their new books. Join us at the bookstore directly after the event for an exclusive author signing.

Writing Course: December 10: The First Chapter

December 10, 10-1pm, EST
Grub Street: Remote, registration required

Details: Once writers have a good grounding in the first elements of novel planning, such as character, backstory, story beats, and world building, it becomes time to translate that into a first page, a first chapter. But repeatedly, even after doing the heavy lifting of novel planning, writers are unsure where to begin their story. This seminar will offer lecture and examples of how stories begin. Students will have a chance to have their first-page critiqued in class. 

YA/MG Novel in Progress Course

8 Wednesdays, from 9:00am-12:00pm (EST), starting January 12th: Remote, hosted by Grub Street

Details: If you're working on a young adult or middle grade novel, then this is the class for you! This class will push you to learn more about the craft of novel writing generally and of young adult and middle grade novels in particular. We will focus on a different craft element each week, such as identifying (or clarifying) the true heart of your novel, developing characters, drafting a plot and story beats that marry inside and outside story, and world building. We will look at published YA and MG novels for inspiration. You will be able to apply the lessons each week to your in-progress novel with the ability, by the end of this class, to have written and/or edited a portion of your novel and also created a working synopsis.

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Writing Group: It's a Marathon,
But It's Also a Sprint!

6 Thursdays, from 9:00am-10:30am (EST), starting January 13th: Remote, hosted by Grub Street

Details: In this instructor-led writing group, writers will "sprint" together. With the guidance of their instructor and through the use of breakout groups, writers will engage in ten minutes of timed talking, group brainstorming, and problem solving, followed by a 30-minute writing sprint, followed by 10 minutes of talking, a 30-minute sprint, and so on, for 90 minutes once a week. Along the way, the instructor and the writers will begin to know each other's projects and brainstorm together. While it’s called “sprinting,” it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to write fast, you just have to write. The instructor will introduce the concept of accountability partners and serve as the lead for the course with weekly group emails. This group is best suited to writers who have taken courses and are versed in craft and looking to elevate their work via sprints and collaboration.

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Jan. 20: Book Club with Aesop's Fable

Thursday, January 20, time TBD, remote

Details: Aesop's Fable in Holliston, MA, has chosen Love, Theodosia as their January book club pick. Tune in for the discussion on January 20!

Jan. 27: Book Club with Buttonwood Books

Thursday, January 27, time TBD, remote

Details: Buttonwood Books in Cohasset, MA, has chosen Love, Theodosia as their January book club pick. Tune in for the discussion on January 27! Signed copies available from the store!