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Current Class Offerings

As a novelist with five traditionally published novels and a creative writing instructor for the past eight years, the one thing I know for certain about writing is this: there's always more to learn. I'm a sponge when it comes to writing advice, instruction, and methods. I love learning how to be a better writer--and love it even more when I get to do that in a class environment with my peers. 

My current classes offer craft lessons, workshopping, and community building. See what's on offer this fall, and stay updated with new programs by signing up for my email list. If you don't see a course you'd like to take, email me! I regularly design new programs based on student feedback.




In-Person WEEKEND Writing Retreat, Falmouth, MA, January 26-28

Community, writing, craft sessions, and the beautiful Cape! Visit the retreat page for details.

Taking the Questions out of the Query

How to Write a Query Letter Without Tears, via Zoom
both daytime and evening sessions

Contact me to schedule: $165

You've finished your novel. Hurray! You want to query agents...gulp. This is a huge, exciting, but daunting milestone. Queries are an essential piece of landing an agent. There's so much conflicting advice online that it's hard to see through the noise. Lori will guide you through writing that query with a focus on the key query pitch. Includes personalized written feedback from Lori. But you *do not* need a written query to take the class! Lori's feedback is intended to come post-class after you incorporate the tips offered in class. Find out more.


Opening Pages: Hook and Heft

How to Craft an Opening Chapter that Keeps Readers Reading, via Zoom, both daytime and evening sessions, two-week course

Contact me to schedule: $190

Whether you have a completed manuscript or a work in progress, this workshop will help you identify what’s working and what needs to be further honed to get those first ten pages to accurately represent your writing and your novel. Includes both in-class and personalized written feedback on your first page from Lori. Lori's written feedback is intended to come post-class after you incorporate the tips offered in class. Find out more.

Go Ahead: Make a Scene, 

Structure Your Way to a Compelling Scene, via Zoom, both daytime and evening sessions

Contact me to schedule: $190

We’ll dive into what makes a scene, what a scene needs to accomplish, and the mechanics of applying structure to make that happen. Includes in-class feedback from fellow writers and Lori. Find out more.


Triple A: Accountability, Advice, and Accomplices, via Zoom, ongoing enrollment, course meeting time TBD based on signups, $275

8 weeks of sprinting, accountability, workshopping, and more. Find out more.


Novel Planning, via Zoom, course meeting time TBD based on signups,
6 weeks, $550

​This course will help make the blank page less scary by giving you a concrete structure to follow to plan your novel. Each week will focus on one element of the novel plan, with each new piece building on the previous one. In this way, you will work through, in a digestible and logical fashion, all of the components necessary to create an outline to guide you in drafting your manuscript. We’ll begin by focusing on your premise, spend time getting to the heart of who your characters are and what they want. We’ll then explore point of view and how to use world building to enhance your story regardless of genre. We dig into plot structure, exploring the different methods, and provide the tools you need to plot to your comfort level, be it a five-page synopsis or a chapter-by-chapter outline. 


Six-Month Revision Workshop, via Zoom, starts in 2024, course meeting time TBD based on signups, starts at $5500

Work with me and your peers to revise your finished draft. Includes a full manuscript critique. Options without full critique at lower cost. Find out more.

Nine-Month Mentorship Program, via Zoom, class rotations begin in 2024, course meeting time TBD based on signups, starts at $3995

Ready to commit to writing that first draft? Novel planning lessons, accountability, workshopping and more. Find out more.

Class sizes are limited. Discounts for previous students. To register, simply email me directly.



“I can’t say enough good things about Lori’s instruction and have recommended her classes to all of my aspiring writer friends. The class truly gave me the tools and confidence to move forward with my writing.” –Lisa Q.


“Lori’s energy, expertise, and ability to keep everything organized is wonderful.”
–Traer S.

Lori’s classes are the best! I’ve taken quite a few now and each has equipped me with amazingly helpful craft tools that have greatly improved my writing, and her fun, supportive workshops and personal feedback always provide invaluable insights to guide my revisions. Highly recommended!” –Devi S.

“One of my all-time favorite writing instructors. I’ve taken multiple courses with Lori and found her to be an incredibly effective mentor. She provides tons of useful information and warm, constructive feedback on all aspects of writing.” –Ann C.

“Lori's class helped me get organized!! I walked away with really practical and well explained methods to apply to all stages of writing my book!” –Paige K.

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