Ten Fun Facts About Me

1. I had a grandmother named Snookie and grew up on the Jersey Shore before it was something to be embarrassed about (okay, so maybe growing up in Jersey has always been something to be embarrassed about).

2. I slept in a tent in the Serengeti in Africa and survived the terrifying hours of an unidentified animal thumping the outside directly behind my head by reciting—mostly word for word—the entire story of Dirty Dancing to my husband. He countered with Star Wars.

3. I am 4’10”. I may or may not (may) have a Napoleon complex. I may or may not (may) fit in children’s shoes. I may or may not (may not) be able to reach the clothes in my stackable washer/dryer without a step stool.

4. I wish I knew at the time that my sixth-grade teacher was a psychic. She foretold the future by writing on my report card “Lori will be an author.” Nice. But would it have killed her to add a winning Powerball number or two?

5. I have copyedited everything from an essay by the president of Mexico to the energy policy plan for the state of Oklahoma to a knitting for dogs book.

6. I cannot be friends with you if you do not like Fight Club.

7. I love all things vampire. Always have. Always will. If you know who Damon and Klaus are, you are my people.

8. I write about teenagers because apparently I still am one. My editor was impressed with my ability to nail a sixteen-year-old’s voice. I didn’t confess that the voice is simply mine.

9. I need three things for my perfect day: beach, book, and backup book for when I finish book one.

10. I can successfully hail a taxi in New York City in the rain.

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