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We eat local,
we shop local…
why not read local?

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Welcome to the Read Local Challenge sponsored by New England area middle grade and young adult authors Jen Malone, author of You’re Invited, At Your Service, and Map to the Stars, Lori Goldstein, author of Becoming Jinn and Circle of Jinn (May 17, 2016), Jen Brooks, author of In a World Just Right, and Trisha Leaver, author of The Secrets We Keep, Sweet Madness, and Hardwired (November 8, 2015).

We came together as fellow New England authors and stayed together as friends. We’ve been asking ourselves this question: We eat local, we shop local, why not read local? Especially when we’re lucky to live in an area like New England, fertile ground for a talented crop of middle grade and young adult authors!

The answer to our question resulted in this: the Read Local Poster Challenge.

READ LOCAL 13x19 front_jpgWe created a poster featuring 30 titles from local authors that we are donating to middle school libraries, book clubs, and town libraries with active MG and YA sections. We want to help introduce you and your students and/or library patrons to these talented local authors. All of the books included on the poster are written by New Englanders for middle school readers (note: some titles are classified as young adult; please contact us with questions about these titles and any “content” within).

We are passionate about fostering a connection between authors and readers—demonstrating to those readers that we authors are not mythical creatures but ordinary, approachable people.

In the spirit of healthy competition (this is New England, after all), Read Local is also a challenge. The four locations that read the most titles featured on the front of the poster will be awarded a free school or library visit by one (or more) of us in addition to fun “swag” and other incentives.

Here’s how the challenge works:

• Encourage the students at your school or library to read as many titles as they can from the front of the poster.

• Keep track of the books read by checking off the boxes on the front. While we’d love multiple students to read every title, only one entry per book will count toward your school or library score. The top score is 30/30. (We will employ an honor system in reporting scores.)

• Prior to the April 30 deadline, use the contact form on the website of either Jen Malone ( or Lori Goldstein ( with the subject line “Read Local” to report your school or library score.

A special prize awaits the first school/library to complete the challenge, so if you finish early let us know! In May, we will award the four schools/libraries with the top scores a visit to be conducted by Jen Malone, Lori Goldstein, Jen Brooks, and/or Trisha Leaver. In case of a tie, a drawing will determine the winners. (Participating town libraries may donate the school visit to their local middle school or have us in for a free library workshop.)

Visits may be redeemed in May/June 2016 (to accommodate participating students graduating to high school) or will be slotted in the 2016-17 school year at a mutually agreed upon date.

In addition, we are offering a 25% discount on our individual school visit rates to any school participating in the challenge, and a free in-person or Skype visit to any school or library book club (minimum 8 persons) discussing one or more of our titles. Joint visits at special rates are also available (please contact us for more information). A Becoming Jinn Book Club guide is available here.

We’re excited for this challenge and to connect with readers! If you have any questions, would like additional posters, or would like to inquire about our special group (or solo) visits to your school or library, please reach out via our websites, visit Lori’s presentation page, or email Lori or Jen.

Best, Jen Malone, Lori Goldstein, Jen Brooks, and Trisha Leaver