Pitch. Wars.


Let Us Be Your Dumbledore, Your Obi-Wan, Your Coach Taylor, Your Stefan Salvatore


If you got all of those references, we may just be a match made in Pitch Wars heaven. This year, I’m thrilled to announce that I’ll be co-mentoring with my incredibly talented CP Chelsea Bobulski! If you don’t follow her on Twitter, RUN and do so now! She makes my writing better, period. And now she’ll do the same for you as my Pitch Wars co-mentor!

Visit her Web site to find more about her. Our joint wish list is below. And be sure to scroll to the bottom to find a special critique opportunity for ALL #PitchWars writers, regardless of category or genre!

For my bio, I’m doing something a little different. I’ve given ten facts about me before as a way of offering you a tiny glimpse into my wacky world. This time, I’m doing my bio in gif form. If you know and love all of these, we will get along well, my padawan.




But really…




Working with me may make you feel like this . . .





At first. But I promise, we’ll soon move on to  . . .




And then, when your manuscript is as shiny as a new pair of shoes, we’ll both be feeling like this . . .




My YA contemporary fantasy BECOMING JINN was released on April 21, 2015, from Feiwel and Friends/Macmillan. It received a starred review from VOYA, who called it: A “well-written tale” that is “original and appealing” and “will not stay on the shelf.” The sequel, CIRCLE OF JINN, hits shelves on May 17, 2016. Check out the HEA Blog on USA Today on August 10 for the cover reveal!

I’m represented by the inimitable Lucy Carson of The Friedrich Agency. My main character, Azra, is a Jinn, a modern-day genie. So I know a thing or two about granting wishes. You can read the first chapter of BECOMING JINN here.  (And for my fellow #TVD fans, I’ve got a little Enzo fanfic happening here!) I am a bursting-with-pride member of the amazing group of 2015 debut authors known as the Freshman Fifteens and the Fearless Fifteeners.

I’m a former copyeditor with a pesky knack for finding all those missing words, typos, and grammatical errors. I bring this attention to detail to your work along with line editing and high-level content editing.

In exchange, my mentee should be ready to work, and work hard. My 2013 mentee Laurie Elizabeth Flynn can attest to that (she tied for third in number of YA agent requests during Pitch Wars and signed with an agent shortly thereafter; check out her great Pitch Wars advice!). Her book, FIRSTS (which we named together during Pitch Wars!) comes out in January 2016!

I’ll let my good friend Chelsea give you the inside scoop on why you NEED her as your Pitch Wars mentor on her own Web site. Click here to find out all about Chelsea!

Our PitchWars Wish List

My editor said my voice was spot on for a sixteen-year-old. She figured I had one at home, as a child or sibling. I don’t. So that voice? Yeah, all me.

Since I’m apparently a perpetual sixteen-year-old, obviously I’m mentoring YA!

Chelsea is mentoring YA because she loves the genre more than life itself. Find out more about Chelsea here.

While we read and love all genres, we feel we can have the greatest impact on YA contemporary, contemporary fantasy/urban fantasy, and realistic or light science fiction. We welcome strong friendships and romance. We don’t mind love triangles (see Lori’s #TVD above). But above all, if your book makes us laugh, you will win our heart. Characters rule for us. The stronger, the better. We love stories that blend genres and styles: a dash of humor, a pinch of suspense, an ounce of romance. Make your characters real and make us care about them, and you’ve got us. We’re less drawn to straight-out action, crime, horror, and high fantasy. Stories involving religious themes, sports of all sorts (unless they are in the Friday Night Lights vein, where the sport serves as a backdrop to strong character arcs), and very dark or political aspects are probably not for us.

Our critique will be full of smiley faces but won’t shy away from pointing out the areas that need work. Lori has an ear for dialogue and Chelsea is particularly good at trimming the fat. We won’t ask you to do anything we won’t, and haven’t, done. Lori will use everything she’s learned as a third-time Pitch Wars mentor and as a survivor of a Big 5 publisher’s editing rounds for two books. Chelsea will use her experience as a Pitch Wars mentee in 2012 to ensure she knows what it’s like to be in your shoes and she’ll guide you every step of the way.

We both know firsthand how one or two pointed questions can make your book better. We’ve done this for each other, and now we can do the same for you. If you pick us as your mentor, you’ll get two minds for the price of one. We’ll devote all we’ve learned to make your book the best it can be.

But don’t fret, if it doesn’t work out this year, we always have next year . . .




Critiques Up For Grabs!!

Last year, I offered free query and first-page critiques prior to the submission date. This year, because of demands on my schedule, I’ll only be offering free query or first-page critiques to writers who pick up a copy of BECOMING JINN or preorder the sequel CIRCLE OF JINN. Sorry! But if you do happen to snag one of these, email me a copy of the receipt at, and I’ll critique your query or first page prior to the August 17 submission date! (If you snatch up both, I’ll do a query AND first page critique!). NOTE: You don’t have to be entering Pitch Wars to get the query or first page critique. Open to all writers who send receipts by end of August. Material for critique can be sent anytime. This offer is for purchases of new copies only.

Follow me on my blog (sign up to the right of this page), TwitterFacebook, Instagram, and Tumblr for more hints about what I like from now until submission day. If you submitted to me last year, this does not preclude you from subbing to me again if my wish list matches your book!

For more on the contest, including the full list of mentors, submission details, and the agent list, visit host Brenda Drake’s Web site.



Circle of Jinn has a release date!

May 17, 2016, Feiwel and Friends/Macmillan

Available now for preorder!

Add it to Goodreads!

Book 1, Becoming Jinn, is available now!



Buy Becoming Jinn



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  4. Hi! I enjoyed Becoming Jinn!
    Quick PitchWars question: If you did critique our query or first page, can we still pitch that project to you for PW?

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  7. Michele Marshall says:

    Would a contemporary fantasy National Treasure-meets-Now You See Me appeal to y’all?

    • Lori says:

      Hi Michele, I actually don’t know Now You See me so I’m unsure. If it’s a lot like National Treasure, with a heavy action/plot driven book, I’m not sure it’s exactly our wheelhouse. Thank you for stopping by! Lori